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HEM-331 Hum Eliminator

Removes PA Buzz and Hum

Passive - No Batteries

Convert Unbalanced to Balanced

Ground Lift Switches

Hosa 2-Channel Hum Eliminator 

The HEM-331 Hum Eliminator is designed to get rid of "ground loop" problems, such as AC hum or buzz and/or pop noise in any audio system. Use it to convert between balanced and un-balanced lines.  Features include: pure audio transmission; ¼" Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS) phone jacks for inputs and outputs; ground lift switch; no external power needs; rugged steel enclosure.  This is a great way to send the HI-Z main outputs from a electronic drum machine over long distance to the board.


List price $115.00 our price $91.97


CBT-375 Hosa One-Button Automatic Cable Tester

One button Automatic Cable Tester.  Plug in the cable you need to test, press the button, and interpret the LED readout.  Tests: RCA, 1/4", 3.5mm, XLR, Speakon, and Banana.

List price $130.00 our price $112.97