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Great drum gear, at great prices.  

Improve Your Drumming with the Groove Guide.

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Groove Guide

Digital Tempo Tachometer

With the computer speed and accuracy of the Groove Guide, you know what tempo you are drumming at because it's right on the display.  No more arguing over tempo!  No more wondering if it's too fast or too slow.  You're right-on all the time!  Whether you're drumming live or just rehearsing, you need the one drum accessory that will let you play your best the instant you sit down with it.  


Drummer Headphones

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Extreme Isolation Headphones from Direct Sound

Created by a drummer for drummers.   These noise reduction headphones have the characteristics we look for in a product.  Professional  quality, great price and we have tested them and they work.  Protect your ears with the best noise canceling headphones you can buy. 

Dynamo Trigger with Easy Mount one of the best drum triggers made.

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Acoustic Drum Triggers

Great drum triggers by DrumPerfect, Pintech and Trigger Perfect all at great prices.  These are the same drum triggers that are available with the Groove Guide.   


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Grip Peddler

An innovative footboard traction pad that absorbs pedal shock and vibration! DW and Iron Cobra models in stock, all others available within days.  These really help save your feet and your knees.  

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Cherub Intelligent Metronomes

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Cherub Intelligent Metronomes

While designs and manufactures most of the products we sell, these products are the rare exception.  The Cherub Intelligent Metronomes are packed with great features and are a tremendous value.  


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RimRiser - Cross Stick Enhancer

The Rim Riser is a cross stick enhancer that allows you to get that perfect cross-stick sound every time, giving you consistency throughout your performances.

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In Ear Personal Monitor Systems from Shure

The standard for touring and professional musicians for years is now available for all performers.   In ear monitors are more effective than floor wedge monitors, remove  the clutter on stage, reduce your on stage volume and improve your overall sound quality.  Shure personal monitor systems offer uncompromising quality and the professional features you expect from an industry leader.    

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