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Acoustic Foam for Drums



This acoustical foam is a cost- effective solution for noise reduction.  
The design and thickness of this material is selected specifically for drum and percussion noise reduction.
  • Sold in Packages of
    6 - 2ft x 2ft
    or 4 - 4ft x 2ft.




    Specially Designed

    Not Available in Stores

    DrumFoam™ is a line of acoustic foam products that is specially suited to absorb drum sound and reduce noise.  Great for:
    • For Churches
    • Clubs
    • Concerts
    • Studios (Home or Professional)

    Unmatched Performance

    DrumFoam™ has a NRC rating of 1.0  NRC is used to measure the sound absorption properties of a material and is the average absorption over 6 frequencies.  Normal foam you may find in a store is usually around a 0.50 or less, and has virtually no  absorption in  the low and mid-range frequencies.  If the acoustic foam you are considering is not at least 3 inches thick it will not do an adequate job of absorbing the drum sound. 
    Available in four colors (shown below.)   Most Sizes/Colors Ship with 48 hours

    Combine DrumFoam™ with Drum Shields to create a great sound control system!  


    Compare these NRC rating details. 

    125 hz 250 hz 500 hz 1000 hz 2000 hz 4000 hz NRC
    .44 .48 1.19 1.12 1.16 .1.16 1.00

    Look at these great colors!  Charcoal, Blue, Beige and Brown. 

    DrumFoam is 3 inches thick with a pyramid design to give you the best drum absorption you will find.  A fire retardant version is available by special order.