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Grip Peddler, a footboard traction pad, is a polyurethane foam pad which easily adheres to hi-hat and bass 

Grip Peddlers


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Save Your Feet
Grip Peddler, a footboard traction pad, is a polyurethane foam pad which easily adheres to hi-hat and bass drum pedals providing drummers with control and comfort.


Why Grip Peddler

The innovative footboard traction pad absorbs the shock and vibration that is created when the pedal beater comes in contact with the drum head.  With the Grip Peddler, most drummers are able to play without the aches and pains that develop after playing for long periods of time - with or without shoes. In addition to eliminating shock and vibration, Grip Peddler absorbs the perspiration that causes slipping when drummers choose to play barefoot.

Order Now!   Call Toll Free  888 983-3786

 A New Solution for Comfort & Freedom Grip Peddler pads will maximize the potential of hi-hat and bass drum pedals, while providing drummers with more control and comfort. Grip Peddler is the right product to provide you with comfort and the freedom to play how you want to play. Manufactured with only the finest materials, Grip Peddler is composed of cutting edge, patented, polyurethane foam, resulting in uncompromising foot traction. The adhesive backing is easy to apply/remove and provides an extremely secure bond to the surface of the pedal.

A wide variety of treads (MultiGridlock, SoleSmooth, FunkBump MultiGridlock, SoleSmooth FunkBump ) and colors are available to fulfill the demands of every drummer. Grip Peddler traction pads are crafted to fit the most popular pedal designs: DW® & Tama® in stock.  Premier®, Yamaha®, Gibraltar®, Ludwig®, Pearl®, Axis®, Mapex®, and Sonor® available in days.





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