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Extreme Headphones are amazing! I love the way they cut outside noise and allow you to hear what is being played through the headphones without having to have the volume at a painful level. They work great for practicing drums ... or checking live performance mixes. I also use them to monitor the recording mix for live concert bands!

Beyond the great sound characteristics, Extreme Headphones are very comfortable ...Extreme headphones go with me to all of my gigs!

Mike Steinkamp

Musician and Band Director



The EXTREME ISOLATION HEADPHONES were received with great anticipation.  They are SUPERB!  Everyone I have shown them to can’t believe the sound deadening properties they behold.  I used them for the first time at a show last night, and I couldn’t believe  the quality and clarity of what I was hearing.  The normal noisy stage sound which I usually get had just disappeared!  They helped me do my job much more efficiently.  The singer in the band has a laptop (for watching DVDs) while traveling on the tour bus.  Usually the noise from the bus engine prevents him from watching DVDs, but the headphones just wiped the engine noise right out.  I also showed them to a DJ who loved them!

            Thanks again for sending these headphones over to me.  I will spread the word at any chance I get.  I just LOVE ‘em……….

  Graham Clarkson

Robbing Williams Band

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