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How to Monitor a Simple Rhythm

Set your metronome to 100 and play the Figure 1 below. The Groove Guide will display 50 beats per minute.

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Based on Figure 1, you are playing every other beat. Half of the metronome setting of 100 would be 50. If the Groove Guide displays less than 50, you are dragging. More than 50 indicates you are rushing the beat.

Figure 1.

Monitoring Tempo During A Fill

Set your metronome to 100 and play Figure 2 below. If you are on tempo, the Groove Guide will display 50 until the fourth measure. In the fourth measure, the first snare hit will display 25. Then the last snare hit will again display 50.


At the end of the third measure, a roll is played on the small tom. The snare was skipped for one beat. If your tempo was right-on during the fill, the Groove Guide will display 25. Less than 25 means you were behind. More than 25 indicates you were rushing.

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