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Groove Guide PRO 600

Digital Tempo Tachometer

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Nothing to Lose

We are so confident in the Groove Guide that we offer a 14 day money back Guarantee.  Click here for details.




Who doesn’t want more gigs, or better paying gigs.  There is a lot that can go into getting more gigs, but one thing that you can do right now is start using a Groove Guide.  Why?  Ever notice that bands at better gigs seem more relaxed and appear to be having more fun.  Plus, the music seems to really be in a groove.  The tempos are right on.  There are no glaring looks from the singer to the drummer, or hand signals from the guitar player that look like airplane runway signals that somehow are suppose to convey to you to speed up or slow down.  A great performance and tempos are related aren’t they, so how can the Groove Guide help with this?



When you get your Groove Guide, after you have taken the three minutes to set it up, bring the band members over and spend five  minutes showing them how it works and what it does; monitor tempos with digital speed and accuracy. Why?  When the band sees the Groove Guide in action they will quickly understand that tempo is no longer a subjective issue.  For a while they will wander over and look at this amazing drum accessory and think “Wow we’re right on.”  The dirty looks and arguments will disappear, and guess what?  When you and your band are having more fun, not to mention sounding great and giving a better performance, that will mean more gigs!


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Drums Drumming Percussion Groove Guide


So what's in it for you, the drummer...


Consider the Groove Guide your own private drum coach.

Many professional singers, actors, athletes have private coaches to help them with their craft.  What if every time you sat down to practice rudiments or rehearse with your drums, you had someone there helping you and giving you instant feedback.  I heard my brother and one of our endorsers talking about how this feedback helped them.  The discussion went something like this... 

"While I don't stare at the display I'm aware of it.  I'm always picking up some tendency to speed up or slow down. But it's pretty easy to catch and fix with feedback from the display." 


Now when these guys say speed up or slow down it's not usually perceptible to anyone but them.  But part of honing their craft is being that solid.   


Ok, So my tempos will be better, what else can you do for me? 

Next to tempo, dynamics may be the second most important part of drumming.  Great chops without volume control won't work in a lot of music.  The Groove Guide is great for helping you develop dynamics.   The controls allow the unit to ignore stokes that are softer than others.  So start by having the ignored stroke volume set high.  Play a rhythm that uses ghost notes and accents.  If you play those accents too loud, they will register on the Groove Guide.  As you improve, lower the volume of the ghost notes creating a wider range in volume between the main stokes and the ghosts or accents strokes.  A few months of this and your stick control and dynamics will improve dramatically. 

Noticeable improvement in the first 2 hours of use!

Measurable improvement in skill. 

Is there be such a thing as measurable improvement when learning the drums?   Well, we think there is.  When playing a particular rhythm watch how your tempos display on the Groove Guide.  If you're trying to play 60 BPM, see how much you fluctuate and note the result.  Say it was +- 5 BPM.  After you've practiced for a time, try it again.  Let's say now you're at +- 3. You can instantly tell that you've gotten more consistent.  What a confidence builder to know that you have made measurable improvement.  If you sign up for our free drum lessons, you will see a great example of what we mean. 


Working Pro's, Kick the click! 

Top touring professionals have kicked the click in favor of the Groove Guide.  If you are using a click track one of our customers said it best...


“I recently bought the groove guide and it's amazing! I'm a working drummer and it really helps me, and the other musicians seem to prefer it over the click because it lets me stretch and push the time, the way it should be. Great product. Thanks."  Mark in Atlanta


Keep the peaks and eliminate the valleys.

Experience makes a drummer more consistent, but everyone will still have peaks and valleys in their playing.  The problem is you never know who is in the audience during that valley and that could cost you a gig.  Why risk it.  With a Groove Guide you can eliminate those valleys and take your playing to a new level.  


Who's using the Groove Guide?

Top drummers playing everything from jazz to country, and from rock to punk are using The Groove Guide.  Billy Ward (contributor to Modern Drummer magazine), Tom Brechtlein (contributor to Drum! magazine), Gina Schock, Rikki Rockett, Gayelynn McKinney, Jimmy Paxson Jr., Roxy Petrucci, Phil Verone  and Dan Tomlinson are a few of the names on a list that grows everyday.  There is probably a drummer in your town using one.  That drummer probably has more confidence than ever in their ability to work with a band and maintain a groove.  As someone else wrote...


"this simple device proved to be helpful in improving a drummer's sense of timing, dynamics and, as a result, technique and self-confidence as well." Drum Magazine


Here's how it works

The Groove Guide is a high speed digital tachometer that displays tempo in beats per minute (BPM). The PRO 600 model counts by ones from 1 to 785 BPM.  A trigger or sensor attached to a snare drum, hi-hat, or bass drum provides the signal. When you begin to play, the Groove Guide displays the tempo being played.  Gain and Sensitivity controls are available to adjust to each drummer, regardless of what style or type of music they play.  The Groove Guide also works on electronic sets from Yamaha, Roland and others. 


This may all sound simple but the technology took a few years to develop and several competitors have tried to duplicate our product--- and failed.  No other product has ever had such accuracy and reliability while still adapting to any playing style.  



Some of the features.
The PRO 600 is specifically designed for the working drummer and handles the wide range of dynamics that occur during live performances. Monitoring over 700 beats per minute, it’s the perfect way to play perfect tempo every night!  


  • The Groove Guide's microprocessor design provides almost instant display of tempo and accurately counts by one to over 700 BPM .  

  • Specially designed electronics that adjust to the wide dynamics that occur during live performances. 

  • Easy reading under any stage or lighting conditions with a large, bright display covered by a red lens. 

  • Adjusts to your playing style with Sensitivity and Gain controls.  

  • Position the unit for easy reading using either the universal clamp mounting rod or 8 mm cymbal stand mounting.  

  • Road worthy metal construction, no cheap plastic box here. 

  • Other features include a standard ¼ inch input jack, input indicator, power supply, and instructions.  

All this plus, a 1 year warranty.

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Groove Guide PRO 600 Standard Out of Stock

Includes the Pintech RS-5 trigger.  Click here for description of Pintech Triggers


Groove Guide PRO 600 Pintech Out of Stock

Includes the Pintech RS-5 trigger and trigger trap for adhesive free mounting.

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