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Billy Ward on the Groove Guide

"[The] Groove Guide by is reliable and road worthy.  It confirms a good, steady tempo.  Highly recommended if your tempos are "under a microscope" from night to night, or if you simply want to improve the mechanics of your playing in general."

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September, .....
Billy just completed the 16 stop DW Spectrum Of Sound Tour with DW vice president and drum-maker genius, John Good. For the last year, Billy toured with Joan Osborne, Readers of Modern Drummer Magazine have noticed Billy’s Concepts articles that have now been appearing in the magazine for a year.  Billy performed at the Modern Drummer Festival ‘00, demonstrating his unique approach to drumming technique. Billy has played drums on more than 50 albums and 50 film soundtracks and, in addition to drumming, has lately turned his ears toward producing.  His solo album, “Two Hands Clapping” got a (perfect) 5 star rating in Modern Drummer and was called “drummer’s album of the year”.  As a teacher and clinician, Billy emphasizes a more musical approach to drumming with an emphasis on the psychological aspects of making music on drums.

Currently on tour with Joan Osborne (00 - 01)

Richard Marx (97 - 98)

George Russell and Living Time Orchestra (93 - 01)

Carly Simon (98)

Leni Stern (95)

Jimmy Webb (95)

Chris Whitley (92 - 95)

Bill Champlin (90 - 93)

The Knack (92)

Bill Evans Supergroup (86 - 88)

Yoko Ono (86)

Ace Frehley (86)


Robbie Robertson / Storyville

Leni Stern / Words

Bill Champlin / ...And He Started To Sing

Carly Simon / Film Noir

Jim Beard / Lost At The Carnival &Truly

Bill Evans / Push

The Fixx / (in process)

Bruce Gaitsch / Nightingale

Marc Jordan / Cow

The Knack / Serious Fun & Greatest Hits

Terri Nunn / Moment Of Truth

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / That Thing You Do!

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Under Siege

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / The Island Of Dr. Moreau

George Russell and Living Time Orchestra / It’s About Time

Amy Sky / Burnt By The Sun

Dar Williams / Mortal City

Clayton Bruce Ost / This Day And Age (produced by Billy Ward)

Jon Albrink / Shimmer and Thrum (produced by Billy Ward)


Dead Bang 

Perfect Weapon 

The Walking Dead

Double Team 

Sister Act


Mi Vida Loca 

Miami Blues 


Under Seige 

The Substitute 

That Thing You Do!


"What a beautiful Monster!” 

- Jimmy Webb ‘99 (legendary composer)

“Billy Ward has incredible energy for the band. He’s got all the technique of the great drummers but he’s not ‘Mr. Flash’. He’s got a lot of soul and heart in his playing.”

- Bill Evans (DownBeat magazine ‘89)

“Don’t let that engaging smile fool you. Billy Ward is thinking drums, time, and rhythm every moment, all the while playing for the music and for the band playing it. He never surrenders himself to playing ‘good enough’.  Billy is always working on new magic to express himself.”

- Jazz legend, George Russell ‘99

“In a drumming world filled with highly touted so-so players, Ward is a certifiable monster - impressive chops, an incredibly solid feel, a vast knowledge of styles, and a true sense of touch (practically a lost art these days). Oh, and be sure to include Billy’s playful, gregarious personality on that list; it adds a sparkle to any music he touches....Drummer’s record of the year.” 

- Bill Miller (Modern Drummer magazine ‘99)

"Billy has been a friend of mine for years, and I'm a big fan of his drumming. His cd is every bit as musical and passionate as he is! Do yourself a favor and check it out, I'm sure you'll dig it!!" 

- Gregg Bissonette ‘99 (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani,independent)

"Billy Ward!!! There couldn't be a talent more deserving of wider recognition that I can name. He is a phenomenal player, both in concept and execution, and a wonderful, warm and funny person. In my humble opinion he has been an "accident" waiting to happen for a very long time and I think other people are finally beginning to feel the same way. The drumming community is lucky he is one of us!" 

- Doane Perry ‘99 (Jethro Tull & independent)

“....but the one who comes to mind is Billy Ward. He really understands the whole essence of space and how the body is ‘flowing motion’ in that space, creating the feel and the time of the notes.” 

- Dave Weckl (interview Modern Drummer Magazine, March ‘01)


Please visit for more information.  Billy plays and endorses D W Drums, hardware and pedals, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Shure Microphones, Rhythm Tech Percussion, Trueline Drumsticks, Line 6,  and the Groove Guide by


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