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Cherub WSM-200 

Intelligent Metronome


The WSM-200 has virtually unlimited capabilities because it is the only programmable metronome we know of for under $40.00.  The visual cue on this metronome is a red bubble that moves up and down the center line of the staff symbol.  To make it even better the bubble moves all the way to the top on the beat and half way on the off beats.  About the size of a traditional mechanical metronome. 


Perfect for school bands! Why buy a mechanical metronome when for the same money you can have a programmable fully featured electronic metronome.

WSM-200 Feature List

30 to 230 BPM
6 Time Signatures
5 Note Values
3 5/8" W x 7 3/8" H x 2 1/4" D
Informative, Easy to Read Display
Audio and visual signals
Voice or percussion sound prompt 
Tempo setup by tap

A4 pitch and clock function
Black with rubber buttons
Batteries Included





Feature Picture Coming Soon


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