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Family owned & operated since 1999.' Drum Shield Super Store offers many different products to meet your drum sound control needs.  This short form can be used to receive a price quote on Drum Shields or Sound Traps with the shipping included.


Due to the high number of quote requests, quotes are processed a couple of times a day.





For information on sizing a drum shield click here.


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Product Quote Information:

I am not sure which product(s) would be best for me, please call me to discuss my situation.

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Drum Shield Information:

Drum shield height?     4 Foot  5 Foot  5 1/2 Foot   6 Foot

Number of panels?   3 panels (6 linear feet)    4 panels (8 linear feet)    5 panels (10 linear feet)      6 panels (12 linear feet) 

I am interested in the following series: Professional    Standard    Kit (assembly required)

I am interested in the following accessories:  Carrying bag      1 foot extension


Acoustic Product Information:

DrumFoam - Acoustic Foam Drum Shield liners: 3 liners  4 liners 5 liners 6 liners 

Typically one for each drum shield panel.


Sound Traps, free standing acoustic panels, for inside of drum shield:

    2 panels (4 linear feet)    4 panels (8 linear feet)    6 panels (12 linear feet)      8 panels (16 linear feet) 


Sound Traps for behind drummer: 

Typically the same height as the drum shield.

    Sound Trap Height: 4 Foot  5 Foot  5 1/2 Foot   6 Foot

    Number of Panels:  2 panels (4 linear feet)    4 panels (8 linear feet)    6 panels (12 linear feet)      8 panels (16 linear feet) 


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