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Drum Shields



Our Drum Shields, or Drum Screens are backed by our exclusive 3-star Guarantee for product quality, low price and shipping.  These fully assembled in-stock Drum Shields are priced up to 35% lower than our competitors.  With the Standard series and the Professional series there's a shield for every budget.  We also offer low priced Kits for those on a tight budget. 
"Silencer" Systems 



Drum Shields and Sound Traps combine to make the ultimate in portable sound control rooms.  Use these in studios, rehearsal rooms, churches, clubs wherever you need to "Silence" sound! 
Sound Traps™ Free standing acoustic panels for absorbing sound and lowing the volume.  Use them standalone or with our Drum Shields for the ultimate is sound control.  Available in black, beige, mocha, or charcoal.
DrumFoam™ Acoustic foam specially selected for absorbing drum and percussion sound.  Use this in studios, churches or at home.  Available in  charcoal, blue, brown, beige, burgundy, and hunter green.
Accessories Drum Shield Extensions, Carrying Bags, Cleaners and Hinges.  If you don't see what you want ask for it and we'll get it. 
Specials Great specials on selected products.. 

The Highest Quality Products Guaranteed 

Our products are made from the finest materials available.  We are so confidant in the quality of the materials and our products that we offer a 1 year warranty against defects.  The only known breakage we've had occurred when someone improperly loaded a Drum Shield onto the bed of a  truck without a carrying bag and ran the hinge along the bed threshold.  As he pushed the shield in, one of the hinges was damaged.   This type of misuse would not be covered under the warranty, although we did repair his shield for a nominal cost. 

These sound containment systems feature: 

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  While we encourage you to shop around, we know we offer the best pricing around.  Our 30-day Low Price Guarantee let’s you buy it today so you can start using your drum shield as soon as possible.  If within 30 days of your purchase you think you have found a better deal, provide us with a quote from any competitor for a similar size and quality shield (including shipping and tax) and we will refund to you the difference between what you paid and the quote.   We are able to provide this guarantee because one of our owners spent 10 years consulting to retailers worldwide.  As a result, we apply what he learned about managing inventory and controlling costs to provide our customers the lowest prices.  No wondering if you got a good deal or not, no haggling over inflated retail prices, just the best prices everyday.

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When ordered before 12:00 pm Phoenix, AZ time, common standard systems will ship the same day.  The common standard systems are all 4, 5 or 6 continuous panel systems.  Even if you order after 12:00 pm or order other drum shield configurations, we still ship 90% of those orders the same day.  Most other systems will be shipped the next business day.   If we don’t ship your product as guaranteed,  you receive a free cleaning kit (a $9.95 value).   If you have ordered a cleaning kit, you will not be charged for the kit.  Expedited Shipping is also available

Our STD and PRO Drum Shields are shipped fully assembled in a professionally designed carton for safe transit.   

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