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How Do We Have Such Great Prices?

When you see a price that is lower than that of a competitor’s, do you ever wonder if something might be wrong?  Perhaps the products are not as good or are out-of-stock.  Or maybe the selection is limited, or the service is bad --- something --- right?  Well, at our products are of the highest quality.  We offer a wide selection of products that are in stock.  We also feature outstanding customer service.  And, we can offer great prices for two reasons


  1. does not wholesale our drum shield products.  If we did, our prices would need to be much closer to the higher retail prices you typically see in stores and on some internet drum shield sites.


  1. At you are buying direct from the manufacturer, not through a middleman.  When products pass from manufacturer > to wholesaler > to retailer > and finally to you, everyone involved down the line needs to make a profit.  Consequently, you end up paying a higher price!  So why throw away all that extra money when you don’t have to?  Shop smart and save by purchasing direct from