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Check out the Professional Drum Teachers Guild... Martin is doing great work to promote drum education. www.professionaldrumteachersguild.com


We've Upgraded Equipment At Our Manufacturing Plant

Thanks to all of those who have purchased our products and made this possible.   Our commitment to technology ensures quality products at a great price.


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New Product....

Super Traps - New Super Absorbing Panels. 

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Now in our Studio Store

 "Silencer" Performance Drum Booth !

Great control for practice rooms or "live" buildings


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Drum Shield Super Store!

Unbeatable Prices and over 21 models to choose from 

drum shield, drum surround, plastic sheild

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Drummers Cable Store

Everything You Need to 

Get Mic'ed Up

Little Bro Snake 

Great for Drums

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New Super "Silencer"

Vocal Booths

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Also great as voice-over booths and recording booths

Heavy backing for maximum blocking.  Doors, double windows and more.

Save Your Ears

Extreme Isolation Headphones 

Model EX-29

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Click here to read an independent review by Dan Richards at Digital Pro Sound

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Pintech Acoustic Drum Triggers 

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These great triggers are also available with the Groove Guide.


We are proud to offer great drum and percussion products at great prices.   We design and manufacture most of the products we sell to ensure quality and usability.  All of our products are backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.