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RimRiser - 

Cross Stick Enhancer



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Suggested Retail $43.50.

Our Price $32.97


14 inch snares only

Specify 8 or 10 lug model.



Perfect Cross Sticks
The Rim Riser is a cross stick enhancer that allows you to get that perfect cross-stick sound every time, giving you consistency throughout your performances.


Why Raise the Rim?

Raising the rim allows the player a better grip on the stick. Cross stick playing becomes easier and drummers are able to perform difficult patterns freely. Each Rim Riser is manufactured to order. Easy to take on and off. This "Deluxe" model is available in 8 and 10 standard lugs for 14" Snares. (Snare drum not included.)


"The RimRiser helps give rimshotting a distinct, vocal clarity and definition that articulates my rhythmic vocabulary!"

Jonathan Moffett (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cameo)

RimRiser received a great review in the November 2005 issue of Modern Drummer magazine!

"Playing without the RimRiser now feels as though my hand is hunched over the stick, and I'm more aware of lifting it for playing the rim-click pattern. Playing with the RimRiser also makes the transition between playing rim-clicks and regular snare shots much easier. I can now make the same move faster and smoother than before. Plus, the sound is, indeed, more consistent."

Chap Ostrander for Modern Drummer November 2005 issue

"I have used the RimRiser and I love it.
It makes the Latin cross stick patterns come out cleaner and easier. Great idea."

Richie 'Gajate' Garcia

"Wow! I can't believe what a difference my new RimRiser made. This is the best thing to happen to drums since drumsticks. It made rimshots much less fatiguing on my hand and I was able to execute rimshots so much more consistently and powerfully. Thanks so much!"

Scott Tucker,
The Doug Davis Band
Cynda Bennett and Against the Grain





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