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Does your venue have poor acoustics?

If you are performing in venues that have poor acoustics, In ear monitors or personal monitor systems are a great alternative to traditional wedge monitors.  

Churches - With typically poor acoustics using wedge monitors may only add to the problem.  Using in ear monitors will reduce the stage volume and result in an easier to control overall volume level.

Studios - Give every musician the ability to control their own mix and monitor volume.  



Lower Your Stage Volume
If your still struggling with high volume floor wedge monitors, you need to check out Shure's line of personal monitor systems.  These system will lower your stage volume drastically and stop the stage volume wars that occur.  

Small and Portable

A full in ear monitor system can fit in a brief case or small duffle size bag.   If you travel and need to tear down and set up every week, stop lugging around those heavy floor wedges. 

Individual Monitor Mixes

These systems allow for designs with one to many monitor mixes.  A system can be designed to allow each musician to have their own personal mix that they can control from the stage. 

Wired or Wireless

We offer 4 different series of Personal Monitor Systems from Shure.  3 of the systems are available in both a wireless and wired version.  Call us for expert advice on which system is best for you.  See the brief description and link for each series below. 




Shure Personal Monitor Systems

PSM-200 Affordable, full-featured entry into personal monitoring.  This mono In Ear system has body packs that can be used both wired and wireless.  More detail .

PSM-400 A full featured stereo personal monitor system that is available in either a wired or wireless version.  More detail.

PSM-600 Shure's first entry into persona monitoring, the PSM-600 is still recognized as the industry standard for full-featured wired or wireless in ear systems.  More detail pages soon.

PSM-700 Advanced wireless for the touring professional.  Available as a wireless stereo system only, this system has advanced controls for maximum transmitters and clear reception.  More detail pages soon.

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