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Family owned & operated since 1999.

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"Silencer" System

Drum Shields and Sound Traps combine to make the ultimate in portable sound control rooms.  Use these in studios, rehearsal rooms, churches, clubs wherever you need to "Silence" sound! 

Sound Traps for drumming live, in studios or at home.

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Sound Traps Free Standing Acoustic Panels

These acoustical panels are the perfect addition to a professional or  home studio.   Sound Traps will absorb reflected and direct sound and give your records that great clean sound. 



QCM-2 Studio Tube Microphone

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Studio Monitors

Passive or bi-amped monitors with amazing  performance.  Featuring 8" inch woofers and 1" soft dome tweeters.  Sold in pairs.

Drummer Headphones

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Extreme Isolation Headphones from Direct Sound

Great for home studios.   These noise reduction headphones have the characteristics we look for in a product.  Professional  quality, great price and we have tested them and they work.  The noise reduction blocks the outside noise as well so you can hear the real mix on the board.