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"[The] Groove Guide by is reliable and road worthy. It confirms a good, steady tempo. Highly recommended if your tempos are "under a microscope" from night to night, or if you simply want to improve the mechanics of your playing in general,"

Billy Ward


"In the studio or live, the Groove Guide produces platinum and gold."

Gina Schock

Touring with The Go Go's

"When I throw a beat, I use the Groove Guide."

Ron Welty of The Offspring

"... this simple device proved to be helpful in improving a drummer's sense of timing, dynamics, and as a result, technique and self-confidence as well."

Drum Magazine

"The Groove Guide has proven to be a wonderful piece of gear!  The Groove Guide is just what the name says.  It’s a guide that helps you analyze your groove."

Dan Tomlinson

Touring with Lyle Lovette

Author of The World of Flams

Hey. I bought one of these for the band 4 years ago. It's been 4 years since we've had any discussions about tempos! When my drummer's tired, it helps him keep up; when he's over excited, it helps him lock in. It works 100% of the time. Every band should have one just to keep in check. One of the best investments in the band you can make after a guitar tuner!

Jimmy James

Tommy Tutone, band leader

" The Groove Guide rocks!  I used it on my last tour with Steve Winwood and it was like having a mentor with you on stage. The grooves became relaxed and precise. It build confidence on my playing and that reflected on the whole band. Thanks DrumPerfect for such a great product."

Celso Alberti 


San Francisco Bay Area

"Thank you for your excellent shipping time frame. I received the item on the day promised.   Also, the Groove Guide PRO600 DLX is an outstanding product. With one weekend gig under my belt, the Groove Guide has improved my consistency and my timing. I can accurately gauge how fast the band is playing. Locking into a groove is very easy. I'm glad I made the leap.  Thanks"

 Joe Encee 

Albuquerque, NM

"I recently bought the groove guide and it's amazing! I'm a working drummer and it really helps me, and the other musicians seem to prefer it over the click because it lets me stretch and push the time, the way it should be. Great product. Thanks"

Mark Strickland

Atlanta, GA

Please allow me to take a minute of your time to thank you and congratulate you for making the Groove Guide. I received my Groove Guide Tuesday afternoon and used it at rehearsal with my band that night. It took me not even five minutes to set it up and its operation was generally common sense once it was connected. As fellow drummers you know what it's like when your band tends to play right on top of or slightly ahead of the beat. Standard ballads sound more like punk anthems. When I explained to the band members how the Groove Guide worked and gave them a short demonstration, the were blown away. They didn't challenge the tempo of any song all night. Often they would glance over at the easy to read display and give a comforting smile of approval. I've arrived to rehearsals with several tempo-gauging gizmos over the years. Never has any device made such an immediate improvement in not only my playing but also the overall quality of the band as did the Groove Guide. Keep up the great work!

Glenn Jones

Galloway, NJ

As a drummer for 27 years, I can honestly say that I have come across my share of new, "innovating" products designed to aid the musician in developing their quest for perfect time. Drum machines, metronomes, click tracks, etc. All types of devices that dictate what the tempo should be, not how accurately I am actually maintaining it. ....We were all trained to know that if you couldn't hear the click, you were in the groove, end of story. But anticipating ahead and delaying behind the pulse can sometimes become difficult to decipher from one another. Not any more. The DrumPerfect [Groove Guide] gives me the results immediately. This device will keep you honest to your playing. When the unit shows that I am consistent in my pulse, it gives me self-awareness and makes me memorize it. The whole point? While "following" a click is good for tempo development, the Drumperfect [Groove Guide] unit is great for tempo "awareness". Take the next step from following a click. After all, just because the click is not there doesn't mean steady tempo is not required. After using this little device you won't need a click! I don't know how I went so long without this gem. Oh yeah, every other music supplier could only wish they offered customer service like the folks at Drumperfect. Yes! humans answer the phone and have concerns for your needs. Thanks DrumPerfect!

Kyle D. Anastasio

Senior Pilot

SKY10, ABC News

San Diego, CA.

"I truly enjoy the Groove Guide by  I have used it indoors and out, under many different lighting conditions, and it has come through with flying colors.  Using a competitor's product for years, I never could read the display in bright light situations.  Also, the Groove Guide is much more accurate since it counts by ones instead of twos.  I would also add that the spring-loaded trigger (The Dynamo Trigger with Easy Mount) is a great design and works very well.  Thanks again for a great product."

Donny Tomlinson 

with Sonny Burgess, MCR Records

"I recently purchased a Groove Guide from your company.  I've been using it a lot and I love it.  I've been using it live and in practice with the band.  It has been the best thing I have bought in a long time.  The band really likes it too as it puts an end to any discussions on 'off' tempos."

Heath B. in Wichita KS

"Just a note to say Groove Guide arrived in Australia with no hassles. Took about 10 days.

Russell says, " Thank you, thank you, thank you." He doesn't know how he got along without one -- and he has been playing for 20 years!"

Ray P. New Zealand

"I recently purchased your product, DrumPerfect Groove Guide, from Boogie Music in Phoenix, Arizona. My drum instructor, A.D. Adams, had a DrumPerfect Groove Guide attached to a kit in his studio where I take lessons. I was impressed enough with it's construction and performance while playing A.D.'s kit that I bought one for myself. ......... It looks like you guys have created a very good product. I'm only sorry that I spent my $ on the (competitor) months ago instead of the DrumPerfect Groove Guide."

Mike S. in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Being able to watch the tempo when I was playing helped me in keeping a constant tempo. I am so impressed with the Groove Guide. Thanks again for the awesome product!"

Don P. in Ohio.

"The Groove Guide improved the band's tempo and helped us maintain our groove right from the very first song.  A great product!"

 Hank S., bandleader in San Antonio.

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