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Vocal Booth, Translation


Voice-over Booth

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Priced from an unbelievable $1,949.97.  

NOTE: Vocal Booths ship freight from Phoenix, AZ curbside delivery at an additional charge.  Upon receipt of your order, we will contact you with your shipping costs.

All vocal booths or voice over booths are available with either an acrylic glass front (see picture to right) or a Sound Trap front.

4 x 4 , 4 x 6 and 6 x 6 standard sizes, call for custom sizing.


Our sizes are inside sizes, not outside like others.  A 4 x 4 booth is 48 inches on the inside. 

 Sound Absorption

sound absorbtion, sound containment, sound control, iso boothMany of our competitors forget that to ensure a clean recording, absorbing sound is as important as blocking it.  Their booths contain as little as 24 sq. ft. of absorbing surface, whereas our 4 x 4 Vocal Booth or Voice Over Booth contains over 112 sq. ft. of absorbing surface that has an NRC rating of .90 . 

Including more, high-rated NRC material results in a quieter, cleaner recording.


 Sound Isolation

sound blocking, sound contorl Our overlapping Sound Trap design and Corner Stop ensure a no gap design.  Plus, all of our Vocal Booth panels use a thick heavy MDF backboard to block-out noise.  For maximum blocking, a super heavy MDF backboard is also available as an option. 

All hinged areas are covered with a sound barrier to block sound, yet still allows our panels to be portable.


 Features and Options

vocal booth acrylic glass frontTo the right, a 4 x 4 Vocal Booth with acrylic glass front. Translation Booth, iso booth

To the left, a  6 x 4 Vocal Booth with the optional 3 foot windows.   This booth is used as a translation booth during seminars.

Vocal Booth XLR Pass-through Pictured to the left is the optional XLR Pass thru panel with two XLR and one 1/4 inch Stereo jacks.

cable pass through

 To the right, a cable pass-thru on the top and bottom of the door panel.




Sound Control 

Our Vocal Booths are built on two principles, sound blocking and sound absorbing.  


Furniture Quality Appearance

Our lightweight wood construction is covered in a fabulous looking material that is available in multiple colors. 


Setup In a Snap

The "Silencer" System Vocal Booth has as little as 5 pieces and takes less than 10 minutes to setup.  Take it down in a couple of minutes and store in a closet. 


A Size for Everyone

Our Vocal/ Voice-over booth series is 6.5 feet tall and available in 3 sizes.  A 4ft wide x 4ft deep as pictured left, a 4ft wide x 6ft deep, and a 6ft wide x 6 ft wide.  If the size you need is not listed, call us, we create solutions for customers everyday.  


Easy Access with a DOOR

With our reversible door module, get easy access and two cable pass-thru's.  


No Sagging Roofs

Our rigid roof construction not only blocks more sound it also means that over time the roof won't sag.